It's Not that the Big Eat the Small, but the Fast Eat the Slow

How Antonio Ruano trains Retailsphere clients to crush previous year deal flow and income

Customer Success Manager Antonio Ruano knows training, SaaS Onboarding, Implementation, and Training. He also focuses on “Change Management and Customer Experience.” And he’s really, really, great at it.

“We are going to take you on a journey of how a user crushes on the Retailsphere platform,” Ruano said smiling in his latest training.

He’s cool, calculated, softspoken, but direct and extremely organized. Ruano is the main reason clients come out of their new user training like a rocket ship. Ruano arms Retailsphere™ users with all the tools necessary to 10x their deal flow. Because that’s what it’s all about…using Retailsphere™ to transform and revolutionize your business.

“Retailsphere is about speed,” said Ruano. “With our Pipeline CRM™ it can be a superpower. And we will teach you to use the platform to your advantage in a variety of ways.”

With Retailsphere’s™ platform and Pipeline CRM™, users can reach out to expanding retailers, leads and potential prospects before anyone else, as they see in real time who clicks on any email they’ve sent. You can call a prospect within seconds of them reading or clicking the email.

Retailsphere™ clients across the board have been raving about how integral to their process the platform is. Once you get Antonio’s training, enjoy the ride. Just ask Bryan Holt, of Southpace, now a veteran Retailsphere™ user:

Ruano’s new client trainings take users from session 1, which introduces users to the platform and all its toys by the process of “Tell me, Show me, Let me try” he says. It’s a process that introduces the user journey, ensure calendar and email connectivity, learning how to do an advanced search and understanding filters like void analysis, and becoming familiar with the tenant profile, finishing with a research request and how to request a verification. And this is just session 1!

Ruano continues the user journey from session 1 through session 4 when clients come out as full-blown rock stars building collections and adding people to cadences, on to deals, and much more with Retailsphere’s Pipeline CRM™ and the “Steady State Journey”.  

In fact, as the final of the four initial trainings end, Ruano makes sure users know how to maximize all the contact information, set up a deals, tasks, take notes in the calendar, and how starting their day from the reach feed is like their morning newspaper where they learn up-to-the-minute details nobody else is learning.

“This is the user journey,” Ruano continues. “It shows the process of the three prongs, and the steps to take.”

The process of the “three prongs” approach for Retailsphere™ is: 1. Our marketing automation suite, 2. The world’s largest contact database of retail CRE decision-makers and 3. A super painless, included (FREE) Pipeline CRM tool.

“If you use CRM, it is the norm to handle 400 to 500 opportunities at one time,” Retailsphere Founder Mike McKean said. “Otherwise, it’s nearly impossible to handle more than 40 opportunities at a time.”

“Retailsphere’s™ whole business model is to help clients 10X their deal flow and income at the minimum, and we believe it they use our tools they will most certainly achieve that potential and more.”

Ruano’s trainings are robust, comprehensive, and interactive. But after the trainings are completed, it’s not the end of the conversation.

“We don’t love you and leave you,” Ruano says with a smile. “Our goal is to give you the tools to crush your competition and of course 10X or more your business. But when there is more learning to be done, I’m here anytime to help our clients…we all are here for our clients at Retailsphere.”

Users who utilize Retailsphere™ to the fullest can do so in a variety of ways, find their favorite of the platform’s many tools or a combination of the following just for starters:

  • Creating a Collection (your working file) to curate and organize prospects  
  • Discover the “Reach Out” list builder functionality 
  • Learned how to create a Cadence 
  • Customizing steps in your Cadence 
  • Learn how to search and use the over 400,000 contacts, continuously updated and verified to your advantage, which includes emails, phones, socials, job titles, territories & more. From Locally Famous™ to international brands. From the largest REITs to the smallest developers. Thousands of brokers, service providers & more.
  • Simplify note taking & appointment setting. Automate tasks and reminders. Integrate your contacts and email reach-out. Efficiently track deals, generate reports and ensure nothing slips through the cracks with Retailsphere’s™ easy, intuitive & included Pipeline CRM™

“It’s a lot to learn and we ask our clients to do their homework, jump in and enjoy the Retailsphere™ platform,” Ruano said. “It’s incredible, but we know there will be follow up questions and our entire team is always here.”

A couple of weeks after finishing the training sessions, Ruano reaches back out to clients to make sure he helps with any questions or concerns.

“I hope you are taking full advantage of all the tools that Retailsphere has at your disposal,” said Ruano. “But please know I’m here anytime.”

Reach out to see a demo of Retailsphere.

November 22, 2023
Robby Gal

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