Peterson Company's Mark Kufka is amazed at the RetailSphere platform's evolution in such a short amount of time

"I cannot compliment you enough on how far the product has come since Kenny Brown first introduced – then eventually sold us – on the RetailSphere tool.  Your team has truly put in some great work to expand the product and make it that much more valuable.  It was a good tool when we originally licensed it back in 2020, but it is amazing how much further it has evolved." -Mark A. Kufka, Assistant Vice President, Market Research and Leasing Technology, Peterson Companies

Our goal at Retailsphere has always been to do everything we possibly can to help our clients succeed. The ultimate goal of the RetailSphere platform is to empower our clients to close more deals quickly. In general, we strive to see our clients close more than ten times what they pay in subscription fees on the platform.  It’s quite simple. If our clients succeed, they will be excited and word will spread. And, of course, word of mouth is the best way to grow a business.

So how do we do that? Well, to Mark’s point, it has required building functionality that most of our clients weren’t using. We’ve been working on it for a while and will continue to improve on the product, but it’s much closer to being completed today than in 2020.

And what is the final goal of Retailsphere™ platform? Right now it can be described in three main parts:

1. A tool that makes reaching out to prospective clients/partners as easy as possible.

2. A tool that quickly allows you to find thousands of potential clients and partners.

3. A tool that allows you to easily track your activities, automate the scheduling of tasks and appointments, and quickly report on your activities.

These are 1. Our marketing automation suite, 2. The world’s largest contact database of retail CRE decision-makers and 3. A super painless, included (read FREE) Pipeline CRM tool.

So let’s quickly review each of these three parts. It starts with having the best marketing platform in the industry. Not only can you simply send bulk emails, and view when recipients are opening, clicking, and replying to your emails, but you can set up (w/ only a few mouse clicks) ongoing email cadences. These multi-step “fire & forget” marketing campaigns are incredibly powerful in building new relationships. But it’s a lot more than just providing the platform that allows for this. There is a great deal of training that goes into creating powerful multi-step cadences. There is an art and a science to it. And our team is there to help our clients quickly scale the learning curve of this powerful technology.

The second part is the database. You need to quickly be able to find dozens, hundreds, or even thousands, of potential clients or partners. RetailSphere is the largest contact database in the industry. By a huge margin. Not just contacts for massive national brands (which we have) but tens of thousands of others as well. Landlords, franchisees, locally famous concepts, architects, lawyers, and other service providers. These contacts can be quickly assembled into shareable collections that can be dropped into pre-build campaigns.

Finally, we have our Pipeline CRM.  Easy and intuitive software that makes taking notes, remembering follow-ups, tracking deals, and reporting to your clients and senior team members effortless.

This Three-legged stool approach to retail commercial real estate deal-making is incredibly powerful. That’s why clients are so excited about the RetailSphere platform. Users really do expand their networks, close more deals and empower their careers!

Contact us today for a free online product demonstration so we can show you all of these powerful features!

September 8, 2023
Robby Gal

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