Does your marketing team have to approve your bulk emails?

Step to cadences and see open rates sore into double digits while avoiding the marketing team altogether!

In the ever-evolving landscape of commercial real estate, reaching the right contacts efficiently is paramount. RetailSphere™ is a game-changer, offering compelling reasons, accuracy and speed, to bypass your internal marketing team on bulk emailing and embrace cutting-edge cadences. Here's why.

Streamlined Emailing for Effective Communication

One of RetailSphere’s™ standout features is its built-in emailing system, designed to streamline communication and save you precious time. By integrating your email provider with RetailSphere’s™ CRM, you can leverage lists to connect with the right contacts seamlessly.

Begin by bulk emailing prospects identified during your research in RetailSphere™, and attaching relevant documents directly from the platform. As prospects progress through your pipeline, use customizable email templates to expedite interactions. RetailSphere’s™ integrated approach significantly reduces the time spent on manual outreach, ensuring a swift and efficient sales process.

Travis Christensen, vice president of client success for RetailSphere, never gets tired of hearing about clients being successful with cadences, and how they have gained hours of time back.

“We hear time and time again what a game-changer cadences are for our clients,” Christensen said. “As they send bulk emails to prospects who think they are each getting a personal message, the light is flipped on with how much more streamlined prospecting can be with RetailSphere.”

The Power of Cadences: Guiding Your Sales Journey

Say goodbye to the guesswork in your sales pipeline with RetailSphere’s™ innovative cadences. These tools provide a structured framework to guide yourself and your team through the sales process, ensuring everyone remains on the same page.

Ken Brown, VP of sales for RetailSphere, surprises prospects himself with the reach of bulk email and cadences.

“I’ll be talking with a prospective client and they love everything, and then say they aren’t sure cadences and bulk emailing work,” Brown said. “Then I tell them this great meeting and demo we are having right now is because I sent and you answered my email, which was from a cadence. Then they are hooked.”

Set up multi-channel steps throughout the sales journey and utilize RetailSphere’s™ customizable templates to authentically engage with your customers. Generate whatever you need directly from the platform, allowing you to tailor your communication for specific groups or individuals effortlessly.

Automate Your Outreach Effortlessly

RetailSphere™ understands the value of time in the fast-paced world of CRE. Their built-in tools empower you to automate repetitive tasks that traditionally consumed valuable hours. By automating more processes, you can focus on what matters most – building meaningful connections and closing deals.

Imagine reaching out to the right regional contact at national brands promptly or connecting directly with franchisors and expanding franchisees in your area. RetailSphere™ makes this possible, allowing you to have direct conversations with managers at regional businesses and even speak with owners of local mom-and-pop stores – all at the same time.

Increased Productivity, More Deals Won

RetailSphere’s™ cadences not only save time but also enhance productivity, ultimately leading to more closed deals. By automating outreach, streamlining emails, and utilizing cadences, you eliminate the risk of missing out on valuable opportunities.

Cadences also offer a comprehensive solution for CRE professionals looking to revolutionize their outreach strategies. By bypassing internal marketing teams and embracing the power of automation, streamlined emailing, and guided sales processes, you position yourself at the forefront of innovation in the competitive world of Commercial Real Estate. It's time to let RetailSphere™ redefine how you approach outreach.

December 29, 2023
Robby Gal

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