6 Retailers Expanding in California

The Retail Industry has struggled for years because of internet giants like Amazon, especially now with COVID-19, but retailers in the food industry have a different story to tell. Here are five retailers expanding amid the Retail Apocalypse and COVID-19.


Starting on the East Coast, Target quickly became essential to those on the West Coast, especially those in California. As a general retailer that sells products both in stores and online, they offer food, decor, electronics, business supplies, and home supplies, all at an affordable price. In 2020, Target is looking to add six additional locations to its already 297 in California.


Costco stores are all over the world. With its wholesale pricing, customers can save more money on bulk items, than at a grocery store. They do require an annual membership, but according to their customers, it's well worth the cost. And they are continuing their expansion in California with two new Costco's before the end of the year.

Trader Joes

Next up is Trader Joes, which is known for their low prices, and foods from around the world. The brand has managed to garner an avid following, with lines often out the door even before the Covid-19 pandemic. In 2020, they're opening two new locations in California, and not expecting to slow down anytime soon.


Sprouts have popped up across California, especially in recent years. As of March of this year, there are 123 locations in California alone, and they're looking to add two more by September. Filled with fresh and organic groceries, Sprouts focuses on providing healthy alternatives to your house staples.

Whole Foods

Similar to Sprouts, Whole Foods is known as the world's largest natural supermarket in the Retail Industry, and currently partners with Amazon Pantry. With over 500 locations throughout the United States, Canada, and the United Kingdom, Whole Foods is adding a new location to California by the end of August 2020.

Randy's Donut Shop

Lastly, Randy's Donut Shop will be adding three more locations by the end of the summer. Starting near the LA International Airport, Randy's Donut Shop quickly became a landmark to Inglewood, California. While being consistently named one of the top donut shops in the whole country for the past 60 years, people just can't get enough. There are currently four locations in Southern California. 

Although the pandemic may have increased closures throughout the retail industry, there are still brands expanding in the state of California. Are you looking for more expanding retailers in California? Sign up for a no-obligation demo of the Retailsphere platform and see how simple your retail tenant search can be.

September 8, 2020
Barton Strawn

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