The real value of having an on-demand research team

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When you sign up with Retailsphere, you are getting access to a robust retailer tenant database that is constantly updated by our world-class research team. You also get direct access to these researchers as each subscription comes with custom monthly research requests. We’ve previously taken a look at why you should want a research team, but what value does that team actually bring to your organization? 

A research request allows you or a member of your team to leverage our research team, having them reach out to a specific brand to collect valuable information; ultimately delivering a detailed report to you about that brand. And when our research team contacts a brand, they always use that opportunity to confirm contact information for the proper site selector of that brand, included in your report. 

The ability to access our research team is a game changer for real estate brokers and shopping center managers. Your ability to uniquely customize research requests is endless. Want to ask a national brand’s site selector about their company’s interest in your space with specific anchor tenants? You can do it. Once you get a research request back, not only will you be able to confirm your site meets their requirements, but you also know when you call or email, you’re getting the right person the first time. This level of outreach hasn’t been completed in the retail industry before now, giving your team an unprecedented edge over your competitors.

By using Retailsphere’s research team, the value of your membership instantly grows 10x. We’re adding to your team’s ability to reach out to the right tenants every month, without having to hire any one new. And it is all built into your Retailsphere membership, so you can essentially grow your team without ever having an interview.

Plus, when you leverage our team, you know you are getting the most highly-skilled outreach team in the industry; one that understands the information you need and the necessity of accuracy when contacting a brand. They perform research on retailers every single day and have honed their skill set to understand the best ways to reach out to and connect with brands that may otherwise be unreachable. 

What are you waiting for? You are giving your internal team valuable time back, can keep your team lean, and get a higher level of accuracy without training, but merely by subscribing to Retailsphere. We’re committed to providing retail insights from every angle, and our research team is part of that promise. Ultimately, access to our research team makes your subscription invaluable. 

Interested in hearing more about our research team? Want to see research requests in action? Sign up today for a no-obligation demo and let our team walk you through some ways Retailsphere can help you find new tenants.

July 15, 2020
Barton Strawn

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