Retailsphere Reviews and Client Testimonials

“Retailsphere helps [us] secure contact information that increases chances of moving a deal forward. That typically means securing 5-10 targeted and strong candidates for each of their new vacancies. Plus, [the newsfeed] will often offer an exact retailer looking to expand in our area, which is even better.”

Diandra Breen

Sales Associate
"Peterson Companies has been a client of Retailsphere for nearly 12 months, and find this platform of high value for both operating and development property retail leasing. The database has evolved to be broader and deeper than when we first started, improvements/new features to the platform roll out frequently, and Retailsphere staff are more than willing to address and respond to our requests for guidance plus custom prospect research."

Mark Kufka

Market Research and Leasing Technology
“We decided to join RetailSphere because they offer multiple benefits, including CRM and access to critical retailer data. It’s a great combination and a win-win for retail brokers!”

Shelley Bhatia

Trademark Properties
“We are looking forward to using Retailsphere to help us quickly get in front of the decision makers required to close more deals."

Brian Sorrentino

CCIM - Director
"Retailsphere is an amazing product. It has paid for itself over and over again. It's wonderful"

Chris LaRocca

Harkinson Dewan
“We chose Retailsphere because it dramatically shortcuts our prospecting process. Having the right contacts right at our fingertips is a game changer for our business. The training and support we have received has been top-notch and we cannot wait to utilize all the features Retail Sphere has to offer. This is one of those tools that every decent retail brokerage firm will have in their offices in just a few short years.”

Bryan Holt

“Retailsphere has been a great one stop shop for prospecting. It provides us the opportunity to reach out to tenants who have been verified as active in our market, as well as provide direct contact to deal makers within that company.”

Peter Kruskamp

The Schumacher Group Inc
“Retailsphere has changed how we research and communicate with new tenants. We are saving time with Retailsphere and we are increasing our likelihood of success with the initial vetting by Retailsphere,” Mullen said, “Retailsphere allows us to have contact info and basic info within days if not moments of identifying a target retail tenant.” A timeline that is even shorter than before the pandemic. "

Justin Mullen

This is absolutely a compelling function of the platform as this saves us the time of digging through google/various websites.

Laura Bellatoni

Director at Dochter & Alexander
I’ve really been liking the Cadence feature on Retailsphere. It helps me categorize and separate prospects for each space and shopping center. I do have to diligently go through to alter co-tenants, links, and other details about the centers from duplicating a cadence, which takes me a few go throughs to get confident sending them out. The program does well at extracting the company/trade name from any legal entities that may be listed on the profile. Lastly, the email activity data is great to see who’s active on the email and who is not to gauge their interest.

Madison Roach

Leasing Representative, Retail
"Retailsphere has allowed us to narrow
down our searches and spend less time
doing so. We can develop targeted lists
that get our spaces in specific tenants.
Foresta said Retailsphere helps them find
the "right fits." The platform gives him the
"ability to vet out possible tenants based
on their site selection criteria and
expansion plans." And when he identifies
an ideal prospect, he can "search for
individual tenants and receive contact info
for the decision maker."

Tyler Foresta

Sales and Leasing
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