Retailsphere™ announces Top 5 Emerging Brewery Concepts in the Southeast

October 5, 2023

Retailsphere’s™ platform has data on thousands of brewery concepts but today narrowed the search down to the Top 5 Emerging Brewery Concepts in the Southeast

According to Brewers Association, an organization for small and independent craft brewers, currently there are 9,552 craft breweries, including 2,035 microbreweries, 3,418 brewpubs, 3,838 taproom breweries, and 261 regional craft breweries.

In 2022, there were 549 new brewery openings and 319 closings per Here are Retailsphere’s™ Top 5 Emerging Brewery Concepts in the Southeast:

  1. West Sixth Brewing - West Sixth Brewing is in a 100-year-old building called the Bread Box, historically used for the Rainbo Bread Factory, in Lexington, Kentucky. With five locations, the brewery is primed for expansion and emerged as a local player in the Kentucky beer brewing scene.
  2. Braxton Barrel House- At Braxton, they believe “ideas are born & fermented. We’re telling our story of hard work and determination in pursuit of craft beer for all.” Braxton has four locations in Kentucky.
  3. Abridged Beer Company – Abridged has three locations in Tennessee, with the charter location in Knoxville. They also have a food truck location. “Our Bearden brewpub is built on sharing our love of beer, food, and spending time with friends.”
  4. Reformation Brewery – With locations in Georgia, Reformation Brewery has an impressive 4.8 rating on the Retailsphere™ platform. Reformation believes local independent breweries are an important part of the long term health of communities.
  5. Props Craft Brewing - Mike, Nate, and Travis of Props, spent most of their lives serving in the USAF. Mike and Nate flew special operations missions in various prop planes throughout the world. Many of the beers get their names from their shared experiences in propeller aircraft. Props Craft Brewing has three locations in Florida.


To get information on these and hundreds of other breweries, head over to to request a demo of the product.

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