Retailsphere’s Database Reaches 1.5 Million Retail Units And Nearly 400,000 Contacts

November 17, 2021

Adding over 1,000 retail unit per day, Retailsphere is building the single source of truth for the retail economy.

Salt Lake City, UT | Retailsphere’s database is massive. And the speed at which it is growing is accelerating. Originally started in 2016 at MIT, the goal has always been to create a single source of truth for the retail industry. But why does that matter?

For retail CRE professionals looking to increase their deal flow, improve their professional networks, or accelerate their career growth, Retailsphere’s all-encompassing database is designed to do all three. It does this by understanding:

  1. Size Matters - Since launch, Retailsphere’s database has grown to be a massive resource. Beyond individual units (over 1.5 million and growing at over 1,000/day), the platform boasts every national brand, almost 4,000 franchisors, 20,000 franchisees, thousands of retail real estate owner/developers, brokers and over 41,000 shopping centers (growing at over 100 new centers added per week). In addition to almost 400,000 contacts, the platform also collects review site and social media data (over 4 million records), demographic and psychographic details and more.
  1. Scale Creates Intelligence – By building a database with such a large amount of information, intelligent new analysis is possible. The Retailsphere AI team is currently working on several predictive algorithms. These include closure/turnover predictions, space matching, void analysis and revenue estimations.
  1. The Data is Diverse & Detailed – Most databases within the CRE industry use only publicly available information in their records, such as simple point of interest information. Retailsphere is constantly reaching out to national brands, regional chains, and even new and emerging businesses. The Retailsphere platform has 396,956 unique contacts.  These contacts (human beings), work for all different types of companies.  From owner/developers to national brands, local, regional, franchisees and more.
  1. It’s Alive! – Data is a living breathing thing. It changes, constantly. While the platform continues to grow, information is being constantly updated, which means users of Retailsphere can feel confident they are accessing the most and most accurate data available on the market.
  1. People Help Make the Product – No we aren’t talking about retailer contacts (although that is part of the database), we’re talking about the people who collect the data. Retailsphere has a world-class team who understands what it takes to digitally collect data at large scale. Retailsphere also employees a concierge research team, available to the platform’s users.  These telephone researchers reach out to folks in the retail ecosystem on behalf of platform users.  They can be quickly used to confirm and increase network, qualify deal candidates or even set up warm introductions.  It’s this dual approach that creates scale, accuracy, and unique offerings unlike other CRE databases.

About Retailsphere

Founded in 2018, Retailsphere is the best all-in-one platform for prospecting, analyzing, and un-derstanding data within the retail industry. Our industry leading database includes information on large national brands, exciting regional concepts, and small local trendsetters. Plus, our simple CRM and outreach automation helps CRE pros take action quickly and strategically. Increase your deal flow. Improve your network. Empower your career. Retailsphere is modernizing the way the retail industry connects.

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VP of Marketing & Research
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