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Expanding Retailers in Utah

As Utah’s population speedily increases, the demand for more retail increases. Utah is currently experiencing exponential growth and retailers are expanding to multiple locations in 2021.  Utah has continually and rapidly grown in population size. According to data collected from the Census, Utah has the highest growth percentage for population in the nation. Tech industries […]

Nike Expands with 30 Additional Stores

2020 challenged retail across the board and forced brands to pivot, stretch, and change in order to find new ways to connect with customers. With the new year, wise brands are not seeing the hope on the horizon as a signal to reset back to their old ways, but rather using their 2020 adaptations to […]

Dollar General new store concept Popshelf will cater to wealthier demographic

Traditional Dollar General stores cater to a demographic with income less than $40,000 and are strategically placed in rural areas, not likely to have a large retailer, such as Walmart to contend with.  Notable for bargain deals on basic needs, Dollar General thrived as an essential retailer, remaining open during the outbreak of the pandemic. […]

Virginia Expansion Explosion includes Amazon

Virginia has been targeted for millions of square feet of new brick-and-mortar shops, both by developers seeking to capitalize on Amazon's forthcoming HQ2 headquarters move to Arlington/Alexandria near Washington D.C., and by retailers seizing opportunities throughout the economically diverse state. Plans are in the works for a variety of creative live-play-work destinations to cater to […]

Expanding Retailers in Ohio

Home of the Rock N’ Roll Hall of Fame, its own unique brand of barbecue, and plenty of other tourist attractions, we all know Ohio is way more than cornfields. But when you take a look at the plans for retail expansion in 2021, you may just start singing “OHIO rocks!” The following 4 retailers […]

Expanding retailers in Arizona

With economic recovery as a nation in a constant state of rise and fall, some retailers are finding growth in a time filled with uncertainty.  For some retailers, economic relief and recovery will not come in time, but for others, it will bolster their expanding businesses. One of those places includes Arizona, with a population […]

Retail Expansion Surging in South Carolina

An influx of new citizens moving to South Carolina from all across the U.S. has elevated the "Palmetto State" to the country's sixth fastest-growing state in 2020, creating ideal demographics for retail expansion.The Charleston-Mt. Pleasant and Greenville areas, in particularly, have consistently ranked highest among U.S. growth markets over the past decade, aided by roaring […]

Retail Expansion in Rhode Island

The Retail Industry has struggled for years and even more so now with COVID-19, but some are starting to see a flicker of light at the end of the tunnel, and we wanted to share the top three retailers expanding in Rhode Island, even during the pandemic. Market Basket: Starting in 1917, Market Basket proudly […]

Food hall Flexibility: A promising response to the pandemic

COVID-19 has brought into question how big a role food-and-beverage tenants will continue to play in the long-term vision of using socially oriented, experiential concepts to revive retail real estate.   The restaurant industry, like many other parts of the economy, enjoyed robust growth until the pandemic struck. Late last year, the National Restaurant Association projected […]
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